(Originally posted February 4, 2019)

The chief range officer, Franco Scarpino would like to point out that there is too much damage occurring on the pistol range to the posts and baffles. Anyone who is found to be intentionally shooting at posts, shooting across lanes, shooting at rocks, (yes it's happening)  etc. will be considered for disciplinary action or other allowable sanctions. Please be considerate of your fellow members.


(Originally posted November 5, 2018)

Chief Range Officer Franco Scarpino has announced that he will provide free Marksmanship instruction to any member who wishes to improve his or her skills. This is being offered to help all members make improved use of the facilities and reduce damage. If interested, contact Franco at "italianseabee@hotmail.com" (781) 588-5998 Monday - Wednesday for an appointment on any Saturday 9am-1pm except when IDPA is active. 


(Update February 4, 2019)

The chief range officer, Franco Scarpino would like to make you aware that the 200 yard "pit" project will be starting soon. During weekdays it will be necessary to close the rifle range. The range will be open weekends. Please check for Email announcements, the club announcement page, Facebook page, and this project page for all information concerning the closures.

(Originally posted November 5, 2018)

At the board meeting of  November 29th, 2018, the Board of Directors approved the request of Chief Range Officer Franco Scarpino for $15,000 to implement repairs and expansion of the 200 yard rifle pits. This request was also approved by the membership at the regular meeting of November 5th, 2018. Further details will be posted to the rifle page and range closures will be announced via regular electronic means.