Dues bills have been sent out

Hello fellow member(s), The dues bills have been sent out to the email address we have on file so if you have not yet seen one please check your SPAM or Junk mail folder. The membership secretary would like to STRONGLY remind everyone of the following points.


  1. The membership database is organized around your membership number. Failure to use your membership number in the following circumstances will delay our response to you and the processing of your payment.

  2. If sending an email to ocsa_membership@googlegroups.com with questions about your bill(s) or membership in general, place your membership number from the front of your badge in the email subject line or at the top of your question.

  3. Place the membership number or number(s) if paying for multiple people on all checks.

  4. If dropping the check off, place the check in the mail slot on the membership office door. NOT in the mailbox by the elevator as that is for vendors and is not collected by the membership team.