Black powder is alive and well at Old Colony

The Old Colony black powder shooters, also known as the Stump Jumpers, started back in the 50's, then went dormant for awhile. In the early 70's, Bill Earl and Bud Daniels joined the club and revived the black powder activity. We attend other shooting events at other clubs. We have a group that portrays the fur trading period, 1825 to 1840, and the American Revolution, who dress in the period clothing. We do line shooting with flint or percussion smoothbore, rifles, and pistols. We also have a primitive area in the woods with various "critter" targets for knife and hawk throwing, and fire starting with flint and steel. We also have a primitive "leanto"with a campfire, and a full size log cabin.

Come on down for some old time shooting and other events. Everyone is invited to our events, you don't have to own any black powder"stuff". There will be guns and pistols to shoot. 

We normally shoot on the 2nd Saturday of the month. ALWAYS CHECK THE CALENDAR

Hope to see you soon,
Bill Earl


Northeast Mountainmen

for info:

Bill Earl: (781)383-0248 |
Tom Kennedy: (781)826-2846 |  cell: 617-910-7943

See the clubs event page for upcoming Black Powder events.