This section will provide you with basic information on our range facilities.

Do you know the rules of the range? Download the rule book HERE

Check the ANNOUNCEMENTS section for events at the club, especially on the day you plan to shoot to avoid any conflicts with the schedule.

Outdoor range facilities are generally open for shooting 10am-Dusk  (except as noted below). See DISCIPLINE pages for more specific information.

When is DUSK today?


  • 50 Yard - Outdoor pistol range limited to pistol calibers only. NOTE: (.223 is not considered a pistol caliber even though there is such a thing as an AR pistol:)

  • 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 Yard - Outdoor rifle range

  • 200 Yard - Outdoor rifle range

  • 5 IDPA Action shooting pits.

  • Primitive area - Black powder, knife, Tomahawk, etc.

  • 2 shotgun skeet ranges

  • 2 shotgun trap ranges

  • 5-stand shotgun


  1. OCSA is a private club for use by paid members and their guests. All ranges are open to members and guests only unless there is a scheduled public match or other approved event.

  2. Shotgun ranges are open to the public during scheduled hours. Shotgun range facilities are operated by the Shotgun Committee. See the Shotgun page for shooting times on the shotgun fields.

  3. If 200 yard Rifle Matches are in session, they control all Outdoor Rifle Range positions, safety and target change breaks. See Rifle page.

  4. IDPA pit usage is for scheduled events only or with IDPA committee authorization. See IDPA page.

  5. Primitive area is restricted to muzzloaders (handgun & rifle) using round ball only. See Black Powder page.

  6. Download the range rules for additional information.

NOTICE: When there is a power outage, the OCSA Board of Directors has voted to make it policy that any time the range lights and buzzer are not operational that range shall be considered closed unless a Range Safety Officer (RSO) is available to manually run the line.