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Members of Recognition

The following members have donated significant amounts of time attending work parties and meetings. Take an opportunity to thank them.

Dale Solander, Dean Howard, Greg Hommel, John Foley Jr., Matt Solander, Richard Yanulis, Rick Sten, Robert Manning, Tom Kennedy, George Wilson, Rodger Wipple, Tom Pye, Todd Bryan, Joe Staier

The following members have donated professional services towards completion of this project. Take an opportunity to thank them.

Skip Hommel, Richard Moskos, Matthew Logan, Jim Avitabile, Austin Snow, Jason Jenny

The indoor range committee has released the following status updates.

This is an all volunteer led effort. Your help would move the project along quicker so please consider getting involved.

July 2019

Volunteers have completed reinstalling the ceiling panels which were removed for the installation of the steel baffle plates. The third and final row to be completed involved some tight space issues. A big thanks goes to member Richard Moskos for spearheading the ceiling project, especially this last section. As you will see in the photos below this was not an easy part to do.

The ventilation system design has been completed with a big thanks to club member Jim Avitabile for his engineering help, consultation, and guidance in choosing and working with the potential fabricator. A rough estimate is expected soon to be followed by a detailed estimate if approved.

Team member Richard Yanulis has negotiated on our behalf with Columbia Gas concerning having Natural gas installed on the property. This would both feed the new ventilation system, replace heating oil, and replace the use of propane on the property. Richard has successfully negotiated a $0 installation of the primary line and meters which is a significant savings in the project budget.


As on the previous work parties the purpose was to reinstall the ceiling.

In this view you can see it was necessary for one of our volunteers to crawl up into the confined space while the rest of the team cut the panels as needed.

This row of baffles was installed adjacent to one of the transverse beams leaving no room for external ceiling repair. The panels were removed for the installation of the steel hangers

Richard spent about 2.5 hours in here reattaching the ceiling while Bob, Dean, and Dale cut and supported the effort from outside. Many thanks Richard for the outstanding effort.

April - May 2019

Volunteers have begun reinstalling the ceiling panels removed for the installation of the steel baffle plates. Two of three rows have been completed. This is an all volunteer led effort. Your help would move the project along quicker so please consider getting involved.


4x8 panels had to be ripped down to 2x8 and notched to fit around the chains.

A special thanks to the team, Rick S., Richard M., Joe S., Bob M., Tom B.

This work involved uncomfortable angles.

February/MARCH 2019

AR500 armor plate has been installed over the shooting positions. This is a significant upgrade and expansion of the minimal 10 gauge steel protection that was in place in the former facility and which did not cover the the entire 16 foot span in this section. Installation of angled AR500 baffle plates down range is also completed.


BEFORE: Shooting positions before steel with closed cell foam and mineral wool installed.

This view shows the three new downrange baffle plates. 1/4” AR500.

AFTER: Shooting positions after steel installed.


All painting and phase 2 carpentry has been completed.


Epoxy painting.

Downrange painting done.

Painting Trim.

Uprange painting done.

August 2018

Due to the excessive heat, all work has been suspended. Work parties will resume as soon as weather allows. Remaining phase two work includes;

  • Fundraiser #4 is now active.

  • An estimated two painting work parties.

  • One day of carpentry.

  • Prime & paint remaining carpentry.

A presentation on phases 3-6 was made to the BOD on 7/30/2018

The presentation was presented to the membership on 8/6/2018

A motion will be made for a funding vote at the annual meeting on 9/10/2018


Sheetrock installed.

Beams boxed in.

Ceiling panels installation.

Touching up sheet rock joints.

july 2017

Closed cell wall and ceiling insulation has been installed to make the range air tight. A layer of mineral wool insulation was installed over the foam in the ceiling for noise control.

Insulation completed. Side wall.

Rear of range.

may 2017

Storm water and snow melt infiltration has been corrected by resolving drainage issues from storm water problems exterior to the building. Wall framing has been completed by the generous donation of labor by member Skip Hommel.

New wall framing installed.

June 2016

The original stairway has been demolished and a new stairway rotated 90° is installed.

Original door and stairs configured in a U shape.

New door and stairs configured in an L shape.

February 2016

Design & materials research has been ongoing. Two large structural cracks in the walls have had waterproofing epoxy injected into them. Member Jason Jenny has donated his services to diamond grind the floors.

july 2015

Deconstruction of the original range.


The original ventilation system and the original steel baffle plates were removed. The baffle plates were mild steel not rated for anything other than lead and would tend to dent when struck by calibers larger than .22.

Pre july 2015

Photos of the original range.


View from the shooting line.

Original walls and overhead baffles.

View from down range.

Original shooting stalls.