Old Colony Sportsmen's Association Inc. welcomes new members.


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Any person wishing to apply for membership is required to fill out a membership application and attend a safety orientation class at the club. This safety orientation class is conducted in the clubhouse at 8:30 AM on the Sunday morning before the monthly meeting. This safety orientation class is required by all membership applicants with No Exceptions including Juniors. If attending this monthly safety orientation is not possible then other arrangements can be made. No membership cards can be issued until the safety orientation form is signed off by the range safety officer and presented to the membership secretary with the membership application on the meeting night that he or she is to be presented to the club members to be voted into the club.

Monthly meetings are generally held on the first Monday of every month. (New members MUST attend the meeting to be voted in.)

The cost of joining is as follows:

  • Full Membership: $150.00 Application Fee, plus annual dues of $170.00 per year for a total of $320.00. Each year there after the dues will be $170.00 due September 1st.

  • Spouse: $65.00 annual - No application fee

  • Juniors: (under 18) $10.00 annual - No application fee

Any member who is serving in the military (on active duty) or attending college is exempt from paying dues each year after joining. Military members must submit a copy of their military ID card; college students are required to submit a copy of their college ID and class schedule when returning the dues notice. Applications can be downloaded above or picked up any Saturday or Sunday from 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse.

Please DO NOT send your membership application to the club or the Membership Secretary. Bring the completed application to the club on the day you are planning to do your safety orientation so the safety officer can sign it.

Membership question? Email us here
Membership Secretary

2019-2020 Annual Dues

Hello fellow member(s), The dues bills have been sent out to the email address we have on file so if you have not yet seen one please check your SPAM or Junk mail folder. The membership secretary would like to STRONGLY remind everyone of the following points.


  1. The membership database is organized around your membership number. Failure to use your membership number in the following circumstances will delay our response to you and the processing of your payment.

  2. If sending an email to ocsa_membership@googlegroups.com with questions about your bill(s) or membership in general, place your membership number from the front of your badge in the email subject line or at the top of your question.

  3. Place the membership number or number(s) if paying for multiple people on all checks.

  4. If dropping the check off, place the check in the mail slot on the membership office door. NOT in the mailbox by the elevator as that is for vendors and is not collected by the membership team.

Starting August 1st, members may begin to pay the dues for 2019-2020 fiscal year. All dues are due by October 1st, 2019.

  • The dues renewal is $170.00

  • Spouse: $65.00

  • Juniors: (under 18) $10.00

  • Any member who is serving in the military (on active duty) or attending college is exempt from paying dues each year after joining, but he or she must notify the membership secretary in writing and document the college or military exemption each year, (Military ID, current college ID & class schedule).

  • Dues Payments after 4 pm Oct 15th: $20 late fee

  • Members in arrears as of 4 pm on Nov 15th will be inactivated and access card privileges revoked. A $20 dollar late fee and $10 card re-activation fee will apply after this date

  • Annual 50/50 raffle $ 10

  • Annual Life Membership Raffle $ 10

It is imperative we have each members current and correct email address. Dues renewal notices will be emailed no later than August 15th to the email address on file with the membership secretary. If your email has changed in the last year please updated it by contacting the membership team at the below link.

Dues may be paid before the deadlines by depositing a check for the total in the slot on the office door at the clubhouse (not the vendors slip mailbox) or send to “OCSA, Box 523 Pembroke, MA 02359-0523”. Make sure to include your name, membership number (from front of badge), and the membership numbers for everyone you are paying for.  If paying your dues in advance and you want one or more of the raffle tickets please include the funds and a note on which raffle and how many chances you are paying for.

To update your membership information with the club, or inquire about your dues bill send your request to:  ocsa_membership@googlegroups.com


Include your name, membership number (from front of badge), and the reason for your email. Membership questions sent to any other email will not be answered. Only the membership team is authorized to deal with the membership database, credits and dues bills.