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In memory of longtime member, past president, and major supporter of the shooting sports Loring Hall

In memory of longtime member, past president, and major supporter of the shooting sports Loring Hall

There are many rifle disciplines to choose from here at OCSA. All of our disciplines have dedicated experienced people ready to help you get involved and enjoy YOUR experience including basic plinking, club matches, league matches, regional matches and registered national competitions.

See the clubs event page for upcoming Rifle events.

M1 Garand

CMP/Service Rifle

Service Rifle matches occur under the auspices of the CMP program. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a U.S. government-chartered program that promotes firearm safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens through a program of affiliated clubs. OCSA holds matches and educational opportunities covering the M1 Garand, M1A, AR15, AK47, SKS, M1903/1903A3, M1917 or any other properly ruled service rifle.

Matches usually consist of:

  • 5 sighters and 10 shots for score, slow-fire prone in a time limit of 15 minutes.

  • 10 shots rapid-fire prone in a time limit of 80 seconds from standing to prone.

  • 10 shots slow-fire standing in a time limit of 10 minutes.

2019 Match Schedules:

Garand Rifle: CLICK HERE

Modern Service Rifle: CLICK HERE

Springfield Rifle: CLICK HERE

Vintage Service Rifle: CLICK HERE

For information contact: Richard Yanulis

Eastern Mass. Rifle League

The E.M.R.L. was organized in 1925. O.C.S.A has participated in this league for over 50 years. The competition is held on three consecutive Saturdays on April 27, May 4 and May 11.  The Match is governed by NRA High Power Rules, where they do not conflict with League Rules. All matches are at the Woburn Sportsmen Association and group transportation from OCSA is possible.

  • Any center fire rifle may be used. AR-15's M1, M1A's and .223, .308 and 30-06 bolt action rifles are common.

  • Any offhand position allowed by NRA Rules may be used.

  • Iron sights only (scopes allowed for competitors 60 yrs old or older).

  • Shooting coats and gloves are allowed but no slings.

For all the rules and information see this FLYER

For questions or to get involved contact: George Wilson


Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle Shooting is a popular shooting sport throughout the world.  Gallery rifle uses .22 cal long rifles shot at a distance of 50 feet. The top five shooters for the night constitute the team score.

Matches usually consist of:

  • 10 shots prone

  • 10 shots sitting or kneeling

  • 10 shots standing

For information contact: Currently, OCSA does not have a team.

Our facility and program are under renovation

Jr. Rifle

The Junior Rifle program is currently in hiatus during renovation of the indoor range.

Schuetzen Rifle

Schuetzen Rifle

Shooting the Schuetzen

The Schuetzen came to America with German immigrants and is used in challenging long-range competition. Its German root is from the word Schütze which can be translated as “shooter.” The Schuetzen is both a rifle and a style of competition steeped in European shooting tradition. The original Schuetzens that arrived with German immigrants were muzzle loaders. Breech Loading Schuetzens are now the rule in competition. Matches are shot at 200 yards with a specialized Schuetzen target.

The OCSA 50th Anniversary Schuetzenfest rifle match will take place on August 2, 3 & 4, 2019. Due to the special nature of this anniversary, OCSA hopes for a great turnout. Please see this FLYER for  event information.

To pre-register or for information
Roy Piver



Summer League

The South Shore Rifle and Pistol League summer matches began in 1955. For 2019 the summer matches will be shot starting at 6pm on 10 consecutive Tuesday nights May 28th thru August 28th.

  • Any Safe Functioning Rifle Type

  • Any sights: Scope or Iron

  • Any caliber that is suitable for 200 yards and meets host range requirements

The course of fire is 22 shots from the standing position on the NRA decimal target. The best 20 shots will count for score. The top four scores make up the team score. The league matches are conducted from two locations, the Old Colony Sportsmen’s Association and the Ames Rifle and Pistol Club in Easton Massachusetts. Clubs on the South Shore are allowed to field teams and fire at either of the two locations.

  • 100 yard range is open to other members during the match but target changing only occurs in between relays of the match.

  •  The match takes up all of the 200 yard shooting house the two positions next to the house outside.

The summer rifle matches are organized by the South Shore Pistol a & Rifle League.

See this FLYER for more details.

For information contact: Steve MacDonald

Winter matches

Shooting 200 yards from the warmth of the rifle house.

Shooting 200 yards from the warmth of the rifle house.

The goal is to keep them in the black.

The goal is to keep them in the black.



The winter matches have been held at OCSA every year since 1969.  The matches are a club competition open to members and non members.  During this 2019 season the matches begin on November 18 and continue for approximately 20 consecutive Sundays.  

Matches begin at 10:00 AM and run until approximately 4:00 PM.  The cost is three dollars per match.  All matches are fired from the standing position.  Please see the Flyer for rules and information.  

For information contact: Roy Piver